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Where technology,

old world craftsmanship, and value meet.


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Much of our business  is traditional residential stone and quartz work. Whether  the material is selected from our inventory or at one of our numerous importing partners, we strive to find the perfect match for each customers desires and budget. Our attention to detail makes even the simplest project special.


We have a great track record fabricating all scale commercial projects for an array of clients. From simple repetitive counters to intricate water jet floors, we consistently meet schedules and budgets. We have fabricated projects for; Citi Field Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Extell Development, and Michael Kors.

Special Projects

Because of Modern Machinery and our experienced Team CRMG, we are able to produce projects that other companies cannot. Water Jet Floors, Bolection Moldings, Corporate Logos and fabrication of Glass are some examples of the "special projects" that we really enjoy working on and excel at.



Castle Rock Marble & Granite was Founded in 2002 by Tom Okon, after working for a stone importing and manufacturing company for over 15 years. It was started under the idea of combining modern machinery and technology, with old world craftsmanship and values in order to produce a superior finished product. Utilizing our Flow Water Jet and Breton 5 axis CNC Bridge Saw, there are very few projects our experienced team can't tackle. We take pride in listening to your "wants" and helping to realize them on time and within your budget. Call today for a free consultation.



Year Established

"Working with Tom and his team was a pleasure! He was challenged with the task of combining metalwork with stone and successfully tackled the challenge – working directly with my architect and metal fabricator to make sure that every detail was thought out and manufactured correctly! His attention to detail and regard for perfection is why I'm a repeat customer."




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3451 Delavall Avenue

Bronx, NY 10475

Tel: 718-231-4686

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"How does the kitchen counter top  process work?"

The first step is to prepare an estimate based on kitchen drawings, job conditions and possible material selections. This can done via email or in person at our showroom. Once this done material selection can be begin, either at CRMG or off sight at an importer. The counters can be measured for once the lower cabinets have been installed, the sink and other fixtures should be on site at this time. Installation of finished counters will normally proceed one to two weeks from the measurement.

"Do you work with Products other than marble and granite?"

Yes, In addition to these we work with Quartz, Quartzite, Glass, Porcelains, and Sintered Materials. These are all products that  behave more or less like a stone and are fabricated using diamond blades. We can also fabricate metals and glass with our flow water jet.


"Can Marble be used for a kitchen Counter"

Yes and No. Marble has been used in kitchens for centuries, however it does wear differently than most other counter materials. The final customer should know that with normal use Marble Kitchens will  develop small chips at the finished edges, primarily around the sink cut out. Also, the face will eventually "etch" over time,  this is a mild reaction to acid products used around the kitchen (vinegar, citrus juice, wine etc). If you want your counters to look like the day they were installed 10 years prior, we would suggest using another product.

Porcelain Tile
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